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At Julian Chemistry, students walk away not just with Chemistry concepts, but also appreciate how the skills acquired in mastering this discipline can be used to better ensure success in their further studies and in life. The following are reasons that make us the best Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore.

Personalised learning

Every student is unique and has his or her own individual learning style. With this in mind, our teaching method involves one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the students. This way it’s easier to understand each student’s weak areas after which we offer specialised guidance.Note that personalised learning works for both the students working above and below the expected level of achievement.

Our aim has always been to ensure that we close any gaps that may exist in our students’ learning. To ensure that time is spent as productively as possible, all students who attend Julian Chemistry in Singapore get to go through frequent testing that mimics actually test/exam conditions which highlights the areas where each student is weak and where they are strong. Our tutor is flexible and always alters his teaching pace with respect to the student’s grasping pace.

“I feel that Mr Tan takes on a more personalised approach to teaching and checks up on me during class which motivates me to stay engaged throughout the whole lesson.” – Alexandra Egan, JC1 student.

Excellent Results

Whether you’re looking for an O level chemistry tuition or A level chemistry tuition centre, Julian Chemistry is the best place to go. We boast teaching excellence that has managed to produce excellent results year after year for the past 18 years. We continue to consistently assist our students in achieving stellar results, with 80% of past students obtaining A and 90% AB. 

Comfortable Learning Environment

The idea of going from one classroom in School to another in a tuition center may demoralise many students. This is why at Julian Chemistry we have in place activity based learning which not only encourages students to use their creativity to support the learning process but also makes them feel more comfortable, hence more likely to seek clarification without any hesitation.

In addition, the classes are small, with a maximum of 20 students per class. This makes it possible for unlimited 1-on-1 consultations either in person or via WhatsApp. Truth be told, we have students who may shy away from asking questions out loud in front of their peers, hence 1-on-1 consultations come in handy for such students.

Proven expertise in the education sector

Being a Chemistry tutor in Singapore is more than just having the knowledge of the subject. One has to have the ability to impart the knowledge to the students effectively as well as motivate them to excel. Mr Julian Tan is the brain behind the dazzling achievements of Julian Chemistry. With 18 years of teaching experience, Mr Tan has developed a unique and innovative approach towards Chemistry of which he shares with students in an independent setting.

Apart from being MOE certified, Mr Tan is a passionate educator and through his guidance, most of his students have gone to excel academically in Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, Upenn, and Oxford – to name just but a few. What’s more, in 2017, he was honoured to receive the Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award for his outstanding contribution to the education of high school students in general and for exceptional influence on the engineering career of Rachel Yun Shi Lim, a former student.

Specialise in Chemistry

We specialise in providing high-quality JC and O-Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Our programmes include JC 1 H2 Chemistry, JC 2 H2 Chemistry, JC 2 H3 Chemistry, H2 Chemistry revision crash courses for JC2 Students and O-Level Chemistry. All our Chemistry tuition programmes are run in a way that students can acquire better through the methods that suit them best. Instead of making the learning process boring and distasteful than it already is, we employ diverse techniques so students don’t have to resort to cramming when revising for their exams. With the help of one of the best Chemistry tutors in Singapore, we nurture creativity and technique in order to achieve excellence.

Learning materials

A good JC Chem tuition centre is one that offers specially customised and reserved notes. At Julian Chemistry, students are issued with notes that have been crafted by Julian himself. The materials are updated according to the trends on a yearly basis. Our notes are detailed yet concise and are very easy to comprehend.

Likewise, we have a self-developed ART answering technique which helps students in tackling exam questions. Note that, it’s one thing knowing the right answer to a Chemistry question, and knowing how to phrase it the other. It’s not just a matter of memorizing and reproducing the textbook notes.

I think the common concept gaps were very useful and highlighted parts of the topic I didn’t even think about. I wish UI counting and number of bp/lp was in my school notes.” Says Matthew Khoo, JC2 student.

Flexible Schedule

We offer a flexible and convenient learning schedule. There are numerous open slots along the week based on popular demands to cater to the different schedules of different schools, and the schedules of individual students. We have a well-organised and achievable timetable, which makes it possible for all the lessons to occur within the allocated time and venue. Here is our schedule for A Level chemistry and schedule for O Level chemistry.

Work with Parents

As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. We understand that parents are the single most crucial factor in a student’s education. Therefore, we engage parents in every step of the student’s educational journey at Julian Chemistry. Upon enrolment, our tutor sits down with the parent to establish a rapport of equality, discuss the preferred mode of communication and get to listen to the parent’s views and expectations. Furthermore, we have in place a continuous learning feedback programme which we exercise through assignments. All the homework is marked by the tutor and feedback given. Parents are informed regularly on student’s progress and any issues noted are highlighted upfront.

In conclusion, if you’re a student and wish to stay ahead of your peers, be sure to join the Julian Chemistry tuition programme and see your grades improve to the much-coveted A grade.