Welcome Address from Raene

Hi Students and Parents,

I am Miss Raene Lim and I would love to share my passion for chemistry with you!

Having been a JC lecturer, International Olympiad trainer and Level Head for the Chemistry Department, I know that chemistry can appear overwhelming with all the memorisation of huge chunks of notes.

Let me help you understand the true beauty of chemistry though a development of solid fundamentals. Everyone has the potential to do well in chemistry, sometimes it just takes a few analogies. Let me help you break down elaborate concepts into bite-sized and nuggets where your understanding of chemistry can be applied to real-world scenarios.

My students have not only aced their chemistry exams but have gone on to pursue it as a major in university. In addition to improved results, what I take pride in is their enhanced chemistry interest.

A-Level chemistry can be fun! Let me help you achieve your fullest potential!

I welcome you to study a more detailed CV and testimonials of myself.

About Raene

Miss Raene Lim is the main tutor in Julian Chemistry and looks forward to help all students under her care by providing effective feedback through structured work, revision summaries, question analysis and effective answering techniques.

A passionate teacher, she loves interaction with her students and makes sure that they understand the rationale of learning certain concepts, through analogies and systems and application of concepts learnt on questions packages, instead of just pure memorisation of huge chunks of notes.

Many of her students have continually improved their grades and achieving A's since under her tutelage. In fact, some of her students have found such a deep passion in chemistry that they continue to pursue it as careers in the medical, chemical engineering and even teaching fields.

Since her tenure as a JC lecturer from 2007, Ms Lim has served as the the Level Head of the Chemistry Department, the Head of Student Welfare, and Band Teacher-in-charge. Her prowess in chemistry pedagogy led her to be selected to be an International Olympiad Trainer, coaching a team of students from all JCs for their finals in Russia.


  • Bachelor of Science degree with Honours (Second Upper) in Chemistry, NUS (Singapore)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Credit in Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Former Level Head of Chemistry department @ Jurong Junior College
  • Chemistry Lecturer with over 15 years experience
  • Singapore Chemistry Olympiad Trainer (2012 to present)
  • International Chemistry Olympiad Trainer, Team Singapore (2012, 2013)
  • Over 80% distinction in A level results


  • Awarded most caring teacher award (NIE)
  • Nominated for outstanding youth in education award


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