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“I first attended Ms Lim’s class with various weak topics and misconceptions, but under Ms Lim’s guidance, I managed to improve by leaps and bounds, receiving an ‘A’ grade in the A’Level examinations despite having failed in school examinations. Ms Lim provides many resources such as handwritten notes and practice worksheets which I have found extremely useful. During lessons, Ms Lim is detailed, patient and thorough with her teaching. She breaks down complex concepts and challenging questions into simple digest-able information to help me learn better.”

Furthermore, she ensures that the concepts taught have been fully understood and is quick to clarify misconceptions and rectify mistakes. She is also dedicated as she takes time to mark all submitted work and go through the mistakes made. She pays attention to my weaknesses and needs such that the learning feels personalised.

Lessons with Ms Lim are never dull as she is engaging and makes the seemingly dry subject of chemistry interesting. Chemistry became an enjoyable subject to study and learn. My huge improvement is a testament to Ms Lim’s tutoring skills. I highly recommend Ms Lim as a tutor.

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Ma XiaoyuTJC

“Ms Lim is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever met. Her passion for teaching is unsurpassed. She always offered to mark my work and added loads of comments to ensure that I got the right concepts as well as numerous tips and tricks to increase my efficiency in answering questions.”

She even helped handwrite a summary on all the important points for each of the topics for me in a short span of time of a few days to help me study 'smart'. If this does not display her dedication to helping her students score well, I don't know what does. Any student would be blessed to have her as their chemistry tutor.

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Chua Zi JieRI

“I came to Ms Lim as a private candidate retaking my A-Levels. The support that she gave me during my few months with her was invaluable and extremely helpful in helping me score A for H2 Chemistry. She made and shared with her students notes on how to answer the different question types organised by individual concepts for every chapter, which was incredibly useful for revision just before each Chem paper.”

She clarified my doubts well with visual techniques and helped me to close most, if not all, of my gaps in Chem to the extent that I felt confident in Chem and actually started liking Chem. She also created a study schedule for me for Chem and gave great tips for the Practical component and time management for papers, which was of immense value to me as a private candidate without regular school exams. Other than being an extremely competent Chemistry tutor, she was also very encouraging and friendly which made me look forward to our Chemistry lesson every week. Thanks for helping me see Chemistry through a new lens! :)

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“I have always been weak in chemistry. During my 2 years in AJC, I struggled to pass my chemistry tests even after I have tried my best to memorise my notes many times over. In the end, I got a D (chemistry) for my A levels. Refusing to give up, I decided to retake my A levels chemistry exam again as a private candidate, this time with the recommended help of Ms Lim. I feel so much more confident for my paper and I give all the credit to my chemistry tutor.”

Upon realising just how weak my foundation knowledge in chemistry was during the first lesson, Ms Lim gave me simple advice on how to approach the subject effectively and she patiently guided me through all the basic concepts. There was so much that I didn't know and I am glad Ms Lim was there to help me identify and solve my many issues and misconceptions. I appreciate how her vast experience in teaching chemistry allows her to make difficult and (initially) intimidating concepts so much easier for me to digest. She would also often alert me on the commonly made errors her students had made in the past so that I will not commit the same mistakes. As a student, I find that this truly accelerated my learning and deepened my understanding of the subject.

She never fails to thoroughly check the work that I give her and return them to me riddled with red ink telling me exactly how I can improve my answers to score better during my actual exams. By the time my chemistry exam came, I felt more confident than I have ever felt before. As an ex-student of hers, I strongly recommend her as a chemistry tutor!

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Ng HuilingAJC

“Ms Lim is a highly dedicated teacher who will go above and beyond the responsibilities required of a teacher. She puts in tremendous effort into guiding and teaching me and never stops pushing me forward even when I was unconfident and demotivated. She was also very patient and did not mind giving me recaps on chapters that I did not fully understand or even forgotten.”

She would also mark practice papers that I had done sacrificing her own free time so she would be able to go through and helped improved on areas I was weak on or help clear up any misconception I had by the time I came. She took her time to write an extremely comprehensive summary as well as a checklist which helped me greatly before my 'A' Levels as it enabled me to study smarter. Thanks to her clear explanations, which helped made intimidating concepts easier to understand, as well as her vast experiences which helped her to identify my weak points and common mistakes, I was able to achieve a 'B' - a huge improvement from the 'S' grade I had gotten in Prelims. I am extremely thankful for her help as without it, I am sure I would not have been able to grasp the difficult concepts in time for my A Levels and would definitely not have done as well. I highly recommend her as a Chemistry tutor!

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Wilson NgJJC

“Ms Lim is a tremendously dedicated teacher who is extremely patient towards slower students such as myself. Within a short span of one year, she has managed to lift my grades from a grisly ‘S’ grade in my Common Test to an ‘A’ grade in A-levels; I simply cannot thank her enough. I was never a good Chemistry student; my O-level grade for Chemistry was B3, and I never got higher than a ‘D’ grade for Chemistry throughout my first year in JC. I was going to Ms Lim’s classes with a wobbly foundation, yet she was able to quickly solidify my fundamental Chemistry knowledge, allowing me to better understand lectures and tutorials.”

I cannot stress how patient Ms Lim was; she would explain topics that I did not understand through different viewpoints, helping me to fully comprehend those topics. Ms Lim never fails to convey complicated theories and topics in an easily-comprehensible manner, which was very helpful for simple-minded learners like me. Ms Lim’s lessons were also systematic and well-coordinated with my school’s academic timeline, allowing me to immediately apply my new-gained knowledge from her lessons into my schoolwork. Knowing that I am a visual learner, Ms Lim would also prepare slides prior to our lessons, helping me to better grasp major concepts in Organic Chemistry such as Enantiomerism.

Ms Lim has been a really astounding mentor and I am more than lucky to have found her as my tutor in my A-Level year. I strongly recommend her as your Chemistry tutor!

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Chua Tze HeanRI

“Ms Lim is very passionate and caring, in turn making me motivated to want to do well and putting in more effort. Keep everything up ms lim you’re an amazing teacher!”

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Ng Wen Xin 2019SAJC

“Mr Tan was a genuinely kind and patient teacher who always put his student's interests first. From the way he designs his questions to the way he conducts his lessons, he is truly a remarkable person and someone I aspire to be like one day. Apart from being an exceptionally intellectual individual, he is extremely down to earth and fun-loving.”

He is motivational and a source of hope to many of us. He was very reassuring, and would always tell us about how he would cross this A-level journey together with us. As trivial as a few words of encouragement may sound, JC2 is a particularly demoralising period and those words were a source of comfort.

I’ve never met a teacher this devoted in my life and I still recall the times where I would rattle on to my parents about how I was so fortunate to find a teacher this passionate about chemistry. From the glow in his eyes when he talks about the miraculous reactions in chemistry, to how he is able to come up with funny acronyms and stories, it just shows us how much he loves chemistry. It is amazing how he has unknowingly managed to inspire many of us to love chemistry too.

As a student from the 715-915 slot, the only chance I had to ask questions in person was after class. Often, I had at least 10 questions, but Mr Tan would patiently go through them one by one and made sure I understood them well before moving on to the next question. This is a very different experience from many other teachers who would brush us off my telling us to read the notes or dismissing us as it is simply too late.

On a more personal level, Mr Tan was particularly caring for me when a family member of mine had passed on a year ago and also took time to talk to me about my university application. He shared with me his story of becoming a teacher and it is also a funny coincidence that his chemistry teacher back in Hwa Chong is currently my teacher. I will never forget the late consultation sessions, his lame chemistry jokes, his unique coloured socks and his iconic way of saying ‘bye bye’ to his students at the end of class.

Mr Tan has made a world of a difference to the lives of his students and we would forever be grateful.

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Laura GohNJC
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Julian meeting up with five of his former students who are currently studying in Stanford University. Taken on Dec 2015

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