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Who is Julian Tan?

Julian Tan is a popular Chemistry tutor in Singapore who has tutored countless of students for 18 years. As a Singapore Ministry of Education Teaching Scholar, Julian graduated from NUS and UCLA with 1st Class Honors in Chemistry. He has taught in Raffles Institution (formerly known as Raffles Junior College) and was one of the pioneering teachers for the Year 5-6 Raffles Academy Chemistry.

Julian helmed co-ordinating positions for the Raffles H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemistry Olympiad programmes and was a trainer for the International Chemistry Olympiad Team Singapore. He also held short teaching stints at Dunman High School, Saint Andrew’s Junior College and Serangoon Junior College. To pursue his passion for teaching and Chemistry, Julian set up Julian Chemistry to focus on providing best-quality Chemistry tuition in Singapore to O Level, IP and A Level students. Julian understands the Singapore school system and can relate to the challenges faced by students of a wide-range of aptitudes.

Julian adopts a very hands-on approach with his students, seeing the route to academic success by inspiring them through their hearts. By being not too far removed in age and interests from many of his students, he can, therefore, relate to students on a personal and social level. Many of Julian’s former students have gone on to excel academically at top universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, UPenn, NUS and NTU. Most recently, Julian received the Terman Award (Most Inspirational Pre-College Teacher) by Stanford University in 2017.

About the Programme

Is this a group tuition or a 1-on-1 tuition?

Julian Chemistry specialises in group tuition. The classroom can sit up to 15 students and is equipped with air-conditioner (bring your jacket!) and a high-resolution projector. For 1-on-1 tuition, please contact Julian @+65-9871-7432. We will be most happy to hear your needs and provide you with special arrangements!

What types of programmes are available?

The weekly programmes available are:
  • Secondary 4 O level and IP Chemistry
  • Secondary 3 and 4 Raffles Academy Chemistry
  • JC 1 A Level H2 Chemistry
  • JC 2 A Level H2 Chemistry
  • JC 2 A Level H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

For every weekly programme, 2-hour lessons are conducted weekly. For more details, please click https://julianchemistry.com/programmes-fees/.

Topical Crash Courses are available during the June and Dec holidays. Details would be released in due time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates.

What are the materials provided?

  • Concise notes designed to enhance memory work and master the fundamentals
  • Curated question packs targeted to allow students to ace school exams

How are the lessons conducted?

Every lesson can be divided into two main stages:
  • Critical Concept Delivery
  • Efficient Problem Solving
Please click here to see what students and parents have felt about my lessons.
About Class Registration

What are the timeslots available?

Please refer to https://julianchemistry.com/programmes-fees/ for the latest timeslots available. If the listed timeslots do not fit your schedule, please contact Julian @+65-9871-7432 for a discussion in possibly opening new timeslots.

How do I register for a class?

You may register for a class by filling up an electronic form here. You will be notified via SMS or whatsapp if your registration is successful.

Do I have to make a deposit when I intend to register for a class?

No deposit is required. However, do bring the fees payable for the number of lessons left in the term (please check with Mr Julian Tan).

What is the withdrawal process?

Students can withdraw any time. Fees paid will not be refundable.

About the Fees

How much is the fee?

The tuition fee starts from S$320 (Sec 4/IP Chemistry) and $380 (JC) for 4 lessons. The fees will increase for students who join later in their academic journey with Julian Chemistry. Please refer to this URL for details https://julianchemistry.com/programmes-fees/. Upon successful registration, students’ fees will be locked in at the rate that they registered at throughout their stay with Julian Chemistry.

From 2018 onwards, fees are collected on a termly basis at the start of every school term.

Are there material or administrative fees?

There are no further material or administrative fees.

When are the fees due and collected?

Fees are collected at the start of each school term or when the new student come for the first lesson. Fees due are computed based on the number of lessons set out for each school term.

What are the modes of payment?

Collection of locked-in fees for the entire school term is done on the first lesson of the term. Please indicate [Student Name], [JC], [Level] at all times

  • PayNow to UEN 201736538Z (Check that payee is "Atoms Learning Hub Pte Ltd"). Send the screenshot of the successful transaction slip to Cecilia Tan at +65 97645929.

Will I be rewarded if I refer a friend?

Parents or students will enjoy a special gift* for every referral to Julian Chemistry who had joined and stayed on the weekly programme for at least one term.

* Check with Julian on what the special gift is!

This referral programme does not apply to crash courses.

About the Schedule

Can a student swap class?

Students are encouraged to remain in the same class. If there is a real need to swap classes, it will be subject to class availability and must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Each student is allowed up to 3 class swaps per term due to any reason.

Will there be make-up classes if I have to miss a lesson?

Students who are unable to attend a lesson due to any reason are encouraged to perform a class swap within the same week. There will be no other replacement classes.

Each student is allowed up to 3 class swaps per term due to any reason and class swaps must be done at least 24 hours in advance.

What if I am unable to attend any lesson even after considering class swap?

Students are strongly encouraged to make up for the missed class via a class swap so as to ensure they are not behind in their learning.

Students who are unable to attend any lesson even after considering class swaps may submit a reason to be considered for approval for a fee refund. The fees to be refunded for each unattended lesson is up to $50.

Each student is eligible for up to 2 fee refunds per term.

There will be no make-up classes or refund of school fees if Julian Chemistry closes due to uncontrollable, unforeseen circumstances, such as the spread of contagious diseases (e.g. SARS).

Trial Lesson

I am not sure if Mr Julian Tan is suitable for me. Can I attend a trial lesson?

First-time students are more than welcome to sit for 1 non-obligatory trial lesson before deciding to register for the full term. Do continue with the electronic registration here and check for availability with Julian Chemistry.

For students who wish to continue after the trial lesson, payment should be made on the next lesson for the number of lessons remaining in the school term.

Do I have to pay for the trial lesson?

No fees are payable if the student does not continue after the trial class (all materials provided for the trial class are to be returned).

For those who wish to continue, the trial lesson will be considered in the billing. Payment should be made on the next lesson for the trial lesson plus the number of lessons remaining in the current school term.

Other Questions

What if I have more questions?

You can reach Julian in the following way:

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