Mastering O-level chemistry on your own is not easy. It is imperative if you wish to move forward with your academic studies and build a lucrative career in an array of fields. Apart from focusing on basic principles and chemistry theory, it also takes a look at current, much more practical applications of this scientific field. Whether you want to move forward with junior college education or polytechnic, doing well in the Chemistry O-level exams builds the foundation and awards you the entry requirement for advanced chemistry subjects in junior college and relevant courses in Polytechnic. Excellent scores can open doors to prestigious education both locally and abroad, which is why you cannot take the opportunity lightly.

Acing the GCE O-level chemistry exam requires in-depth understanding of the subject matter. The exam requirements for O-levels can change from one year to the next, so you should always have a good current understanding of what is being required from you. This is why chemistry tuition with a chemistry tuition center with proven track record can be vitally important to help you strategise in advance and deliver your best performance in the O-Level Chemistry Exam.

About Our O-Level Chemistry Classes

The Julian Chemistry O-level chemistry classes are characterised by the following:

  • Small-group chemistry tuition classes (less than 20) for maximum personalised attention from our O-Level Chemistry Tutor
  • Students will be taught how to identify key words and answering techniques to handle the chemistry papers, while developing an inquisitive mind for learning chemistry
  • Provision of concise and comprehensive summary notes
  • Hands-on experimental chemistry to learn applications of chemistry
  • Engaging class reviews to master key concepts
  • Unlimited consultations

Who Should Join?

  • Students who wish to conquer chemical concepts in developing a macroscopic overview of Chemistry
  • Students who wish to acquire a deep interest in the subject and go beyond the study of textbooks to see applications in everyday life
  • Students who wish to have access to effective resources and efficient studying methods
  • Students who wish to stay ahead of their peers

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Benefits of Choosing Julian Chemistry Tuition

Our O-level chemistry tuition can help you gain the in-depth knowledge and acquire the skills to analyse, interpret and make the most of information.

If you are serious about furthering your education, don’t hesitate! Julian Chemistry tuition programs will give you the following advantages:

  • Personalised learning sessions to help you tackle the issues, topics and skills you mostly struggle with
  • Hands-on chemistry experience to help you conquer the practical sections of the exam
  • Expert guidance from experienced and highly reputable tuition professionals
  • A learning program aimed at making chemistry more approachable
  • Affordable prices

The O-Level Chemistry Curriculum

The O-level chemistry curriculum, as presented by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, consists of multiple subjects. Good knowledge of those will have to be demonstrated during the exam that is divided as follows:

  • Paper 1: multiple choice questions; duration: one hour
  • Paper 2: structured and free response section; duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Paper 3: practical exam; duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

The sections contribute 30, 50 and 20 per cent to the final score respectively.

As you can see, each of the papers is designed to test your analytical knowledge, understanding of chemistry principles and problem solving skills in a very distinctive way.

The content structure of the syllabus includes the following sections:

  • Experimental chemistry
  • Atomic structure and stoichiometry
  • Chemistry of reactions
  • Periodicity
  • Atmosphere
  • Organic chemistry

Each of these sections is further sub-divided into niche topics. Chemistry of reactions, for example, is further subdivided into electrolysis, energy from chemicals, chemical reactions and acids, bases and salts.

To ace your O-level chemistry exam, you need to:

  • Get in-depth knowledge of all these sections
  • Familiarise yourself with the overall examination format, as well as with the specifics of the distinctive papers
  • Keep practicing and timing yourself – one of the biggest essentials for overcoming hurdles and mental blocks along the way
  • Come up with a strategy about which questions you’d answer first and how you’re going to approach these in the general context of the overall exam

In other words, you need to be cool and collected. You need to be familiar with the format, as well as the examination behaviours that will help you optimise the available time and the mental resources at your disposal.

Important Skills to Acquire if You Want to Conquer the O-Level Chemistry Exam

O-level chemistry tuition isn’t just about understanding the topics and the format. You will also have to acquire strategic skills to handle the challenges of the more contemporary and practical portions.

Some of the key skills that students will need to deal with information and problem solving in the most effective way include the following:

  • Ability to select and organise information from a wide array of sources
  • Analytical skills to sort through information, identify patterns and draw valid conclusions
  • Ability to propose valid hypotheses
  • Problem solving skills
  • A high level of reading comprehension and understanding
  • Ability to use techniques, apparatus and materials
  • Ability to record measurements and make highly accurate observations
  • Ability to interpret those measurements and observations
  • Investigative skills
  • Evaluation skills

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