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Dear Students and Parents,


Julian Chemistry was founded by Mr Julian Tan who strongly believed that one could change the world through education. Since starting out in 2015, Julian Chemistry has grown quickly and has close to 300 students in 2018 & 2019. With most of our students scoring As for their A level Chemistry, we have received numerous testimonials showing transformative changes particularly in the attitudes of our students. Some of our students have gone on to do well overseas, and many actively contribute towards their professional fields.

With powerful yet simple to understand teaching materials and a culture of discipline seeded by our founder Julian, we believe in our motto “making bonds, connecting dots”. Ultimately it is not just the understanding and mastering of chemistry that matters but also the nurturing and character discipline for future life challenges.

Raene joined Julian Chemistry as our Principal Tutor in April 2019. Since taking over the baton, Raene continues to teach our students based on the foundations and culture laid down by Julian. She deploys his lesson materials just as how he had most effectively done. With Raene’s experience and passion for teaching, we are determined to bring the best out of our students and to constantly improve on the learning materials (self created notes, topic summaries and lesson recordings) which were created by Julian.

We hope to hear from you soon and to play a part in contributing to your child’s growth and success.

Warmest Regards,

Chris Tan (Twin of Julian Tan)

Our Principal Tutor - Raene Lim

Raene has tutored students in A level Chemistry at the H1, H2 and H3 levels for more than 12 years and consistently assisted her students in achieving stellar results (80% A and 90% AB for H2 Chem). She has led the Singapore Team at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2012, 2013 and has continued to assume as a Chemistry Olympiad Trainer since then. Raene was the Chemistry Subject Level Head for Jurong Junior College, therefore able to capture the latest questioning trends as well as empathized with the many challenge students faced in A level chemistry.

Raene adopts a very hands-on approach with her students, seeing the route to academic success by inspiring them through their hearts. By being not too far in age and interests from many of her students, she can, therefore, relate to students on a personal and social level. She believes every student is an unpolished gem and yearns to bring out their inner fire in education via Chemistry Discipline.

Here is her detailed CV and testimonials

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