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Dear students and parents,

We wish to take this opportunity to say how immensely grateful and touched we are by the outpouring of well wishes, love and support from you during this period. As our students are the heart and soul of everything we do, we have used all efforts to make the best possible arrangements for them given the present circumstances.

For our O levels programs conducted by Mr Sebastian Lim, there will be no changes to those classes. They will continue as per present arrangements.

For our JC1 and JC2 programs, we have, regrettably, been unable to obtain a suitable replacement tutor in place of Julian. We are therefore not in a position to continue with Julian’s JC1 and JC2 classes any further. While we do have plans to reinstate these JC1 and JC2 programs in future, we anticipate that these will only take place in 2020.

For persons who wish to enquire about prorated refunds or other related matters, please contact Ms Cecilia Tan at office.julianchemistry@gmail.com or +65 9764 5929.

Once again, we thank you for your overwhelming love and support for Julian Chemistry and are sorry for the disruption and inconvenience caused to you.

Dear students and parents,

Welcome! I am Julian Tan, a former lecturer at Raffles Institution (Junior College). I was a recipient of the MOE Teaching Scholarship and graduated from NUS and UCLA with First Class Honours in Chemistry. You may view my full CV here.

To pursue my passion for teaching and Chemistry, I started Julian Chemistry, to focus my undivided attention on providing best-quality Chemistry tuition to O Level and A Level students. Given my unique and innovative approach to viewing Chemistry as a discipline, I am excited to share these perspectives with learners in an independent setting. I hope to be able to reach out to students all over Singapore who might be overly caught up in the rigour and demands of mastering Chemistry, and to provide them instead with insight on how to form those (chemical) bonds and connect the dots(-and-cross diagrams)!

I have tutored students in A Level Chemistry at the H1, H2 and H3 levels for 17 years and consistently assisted them in achieving stellar results (80% A and 90% AB for H2 Chem). I was also a trainer for the Singapore Team at the International Chemistry Olympiad and the co-ordinator for the Raffles H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemistry Olympiad programmes.

Many of my former students have gone on to excel academically at top universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, UPenn, NUS and NTU. Most recently, I received the Terman Award (Most Inspirational Pre-College Teacher) by Stanford University in 2017.

I look forward to helping you maximise your potential and finding fun in Chemistry as a subject. Feel free to contact me here.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at my webpage. Have a great day!

Julian Chemistry Coach

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