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A Welcome Note

Dear students and parents,

Julian Chemistry is the humble founding of Mr Julian Tan whom strongly believes that education can change the world. Since starting out in 2015, Julian Chemistry has quickly grown close to 300 students in 2018 & 2019. With most of our students scoring As and Bs in A level Chemistry (80% A and 90% AB for H2 Chemistry), we received numerous testimonials stating the positive attitude changes infused in our students. Many of our students went on to do very well overseas and contributing in various professional fields.

Julian Chemistry understands the Singapore school system and can relate to the challenges faced by students from a wide-range of aptitudes. We adopt a very hands-on approach with our students and create the route to academic success by inspiring them through their hearts. With powerful yet simple to understand teaching materials and a culture of discipline seeded by our founder Julian, we believe in our motto “making bonds, connecting dots”. Ultimately not just understanding and master chemistry but to nurture character discipline to take on future life challenges.

Julian has met Raene earlier in 2019 and we are glad to have Miss Raene Lim to continue as our Principal Tutor for Julian Chemistry. Since taking over the baton. Raene was quick to pick up the strong foundation laid down by Julian and deploy his lesson materials according to his best use. With Raene’s strong and natural flair for teaching, we are determined to bring the best out from our students with the assets (self created notes, topic summaries and lesson recordings) created by Julian.

We hope to hear from you soon and be of value contributing to your child’s successes.

Warmest Regards,

Chris Tan (Twin of Julian Tan)

Our Principal Tutor - Raene Lim

I am Ms Raene Lim and I would like to share my passion for chemistry with you!

Having been a JC lecturer, International Olympiad trainer and Level Head for the Chemistry Department, I know that chemistry can appear overwhelming with all the memorisation of huge chunks of notes.

Let me help you understand the true beauty of chemistry though a development of solid fundamentals. Everyone has the potential to do well in chemistry, sometimes it just takes a few analogies- let me help you break down elaborate concepts into bite-sized and nuggets where your understanding of chemistry can be applied to real-world scenarios.

My students have not only aced their chemistry exams but have gone on to pursue it as a major in university. In addition to improved results, what I take pride in is their enhanced chemistry interest.

A-Level chemistry can be fun! Let me help you achieve your fullest potential!

I welcome you to study a more detailed CV and testimonials of myself.

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