Every programme developed by Julian Chemistry has been formulated to ensure students gain a holistic understanding of Chemistry in an effective and efficient manner. Below are testimonials given by students who have benefited tremendously from Julian's Chemistry tuition programmes.

Evangeline, Melinda
NJC, H2 Chem [from U to B]

"Mr Tan is very meticulous in his teachings and he places a lot of emphasis on understanding the concepts, instead of merely memorizing for A Level Chem. He is very clear and concise in explaining them and he even goes out of his way to do so."

Chua Hui Qing
RI, H3 Pharm Chem [from Ungraded to Distinction]

“You will definitely benefit from Mr Tan's lesson no matter how good you are! There are so many things to learn and Mr Tan's knowledge in this field will undoubtedly answer every question you may have.”

Faeqa Fizla
RI, H2 Chem [from U to B]

“Chemistry lessons were so interactive and enriching that I never left class feeling like it was a wasted lesson.”

Alicia Fong
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Before being in Mr Tan’s class, I would never have expected to be able to do well in chemistry, and yet I got an A for my A levels. This is something I attributed to being in his class, as his dedication pushed me to work harder to achieve the results he deserves from his students.”

Lye Yuan Jun
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Mr Julian Tan’s questions were well-chosen because the discussions that we had about them often effectively teased out our doubts and misconceptions about the topic. Mr Tan's lessons were useful in helping us understand and apply concepts, hone our chemical skills and mind-set, and appreciate the links between topics.”

Hendrick Borner
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Mr Tan utilised a very visual learning style. He magnified what was happening on a molecular level to something easily understood. Mr Tan challenges inquisitive thinking on the topic, to develop better grasp over topic. An all-rounded teacher!”

Yin Xin
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Essentially Mr Julian Tan taught us how to think so we learn, and not 'study'. To his future students: You people better know how lucky you are!”

Yvonne Ban
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“[Mr Julian Tan] elucidated many interconnected aspects of chemistry to develop a complete understanding of the material and guided me in developing effective study and revision skills.”

Eugene Gan
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“To his future students, you are in the hands of a teacher whose dedication to excellence in academic pursuit is matched by his desire to mentor his students and care for their interests beyond the academics. I believe that under him you will not only come to have a sound understanding of what you learn, but also be encouraged and motivated as a person.”

Shin Hui
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“Very organised teacher whose classes have a clear structure; ensures that everyone knows the fundamentals and then moves on to the more advanced theories.”

Vanessa Tey
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“Mr Tan encourages thinking and active participation. He also teaches systematic, thorough and rigorous approaches to questions. He opens students’ eyes to alternatives and makes learning fun and enlightening. I often came out of his lessons feeling inspired to learn and understand Chemistry more profoundly.”

Abdul Muhaimin bin Abdul Rahman
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“Besides the very useful topical summaries and exam tips, Mr Tan's enthusiasm has helped me enjoy Chemistry (when in Secondary school my enthusiasm diminished a little) tremendously.”

Loke Wei Jie
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“He is very patient and savvy teacher. His pace and style of teaching is easily understandable and stimulating from both the faster and slower students.”

Claudia Chew
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Very clear and systematic. He always knew what he was doing and was insistent on making sure every single concept was well-explained and that we all understood it. He was also very patient and encouraging.”

Seow Yang Terng
RI, H2 Chem [scored A] and H3 Pharm Chem [scored Distinction]

“What was particularly memorable about Mr Tan's classes were how clear and interesting they were. Clear diagrams and a methodical, stepwise explanation helped to make understanding the chemistry concepts an easier task.”

Claire Chan
RI, H2 Chem [scored A]

“Efficient, concise and clear. Mr Julian Tan’s explanations of topics always made a great deal of sense, and I went away from lessons feeling like I had a greater understanding of the topic at hand.”

Julian meeting up with five of his former students who are currently studying in Stanford University. Taken on Dec 2015

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