Lesson Arrangements

  1. Lecture recording will be made available to registered student’s email collected from the registration form https://forms.gle/WXL84ZrTAjzsCyxc6
  2. Registered Students are required to start a vimeo free account via www.vimeo.com with the same registered Email in the form and to follow julian chemistry channel in vimeo). 
  3. The Videos are created to promote students to self study at their own pace. The contents are created using the same methodology used to hone countless A Students in Singapore.
  4. Notes of the topics will not be provided.
  5. Topics will be released according to our syllabus in Term 2 for both J1 and J2. 
  6. There will not be consultations made available for students under this initiative due to resource constraints. 


  1. Students will have to notify the administrator of the program upon deciding to leave the initiative. Access Rights will be removed and cannot be passed to other students.
  2. Julian Chemistry reserves the right to remove the video viewing rights of the student without prior notices.

Other Administration

  1. Julian Chemistry reserves all rights on the intellectual properties; no copying, reproduction and resale of any intellectual property is allowed.
  2. Julian Chemistry reserves all rights to dismiss any student who caused disturbance to the program.
  3. The personal information collected via the registration form is for the use of course registration, course survey, account servicing of course-related activities in this initiative.
  4. Julian Chemistry reserves all rights to amend or add new rules from time to time.